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Author Topic:  d-u wants to remove digikam kipi-plugins  (Read 18865 times)

Offline ralul

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Re: d-u wants to remove digikam kipi-plugins
« Reply #15 on: 2014/03/12, 00:36:20 »
@melmarker, thanks for explaining. I just now have another idea:

What about working with an empty meta package, which pulls other packages:
You could well have in the main siduction repo a package called kde-siduction-meta.deb
which pulls packages from another kdenext repo. If the user selects kde-siduction-meta.deb
but he has not kdenext in sources.list, he then may recognize his shortcoming.

Also I personally like to work with priorities of different releases. If kdenext has another fancy release name like "siduka" I can lift or turn down priority. This gives me some valuable freedom.

... Although I know if such things are too complicated helping the newbies will be an endless journey ...
experiencing siduction runs better than my gentoo makes me know I know nothing

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Re: d-u wants to remove digikam kipi-plugins
« Reply #16 on: 2014/03/12, 01:17:23 »
a) meta-packages are pure pita
b) working around dpkg isn't the best idea one can have

And there is absolutely no reason to do so - the user ever have the choice. No offense, but using siduction without siduction packages is nuts - there is no reason to do so. A siduction without siduction packages would be no siduction and we would not maintain it. So why  we should spend ressorces to create a way to do so - sounds nuts too :D

We have choosen our way, being debian based, but sometimes ahead of debian -  maybe this would not longer be necessary some day - but to be true - i don't see this if i look onto KDE in debian now.

For other DEs its the same - especially razor, lxde, lxqt - it would be nice to have things in sync between debian and siduction. It seems possible to archive this - not the same version, but the same packaging. But that needs manpower and one or more people who are involved in debian and siduction. In fact we need nobody to talk about work and possible solutions - we need some people to do that work and create these solutions. Thats the problem in short words - and it will be a lot of dirty work and it would include for those peoples to be involved in debian as package maintainers and/or debian developers. Maybe we can reach this somewhen, but only step by step.
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