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Author Topic: [EN] Desktop logo file  (Read 8388 times)

Offline sunrat

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[EN] Desktop logo file
« on: 2017/03/21, 01:21:23 »
Is there somewhere I can download the siduction desktop logo as used in the default wallpaper so I can add it to a custom wallpaper? .png with transparent background hopefully, and high resolution so it doesn't look blurry on 4K monitor.
I'm happy to share back the finished product. ;)

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Offline sunrat

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Re: Desktop logo file
« Reply #2 on: 2017/03/21, 08:56:22 »
Thanks but I couldn't find it there. A bit more searching the repos and there it was at http://ftp.spline.de/pub/siduction/extra/pool/main/p/patience-wallpapers/
And here's the result of way too much time bumbling around in Inkscape:

That's 1920x1080 and everyone is welcome to steal it if you like it. I will make a 4K one sometime.
Photo is one I took of sunrise at Ninh Phuoc beach in Vietnam a few years ago.
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