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Author Topic: [EN] Financial Report  (Read 6966 times)

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[EN] Financial Report
« on: 2022/06/07, 16:49:14 »
We started collecting donations via OpenCollective in April 2021, achieved sponsorships and therefore reduced infrastructure costs to a bare minimum. The following figures are available publicly here and here. And while the wording "financial report" is quite an exaggeration, we still want to give you an overview about how the project is funded in 2022 and what we're using donations for.

Income & backers in EUR
  • 2 active backers - 10€ per month
  • 9 active backers - 5€ per month
  • 7 active backers - 2€ per month
  • 1 active backer - 1€ per month
  • 54 single donations - various amounts
= 2.757,31€

Income & backers in USD
  • 3 active backers - 10$ per month
  • 3 active backers - 5$ per month
  • 3 active backers - 2$ per month
  • 14 single donations - various amounts
= 507,43$

Income & backers total
  • ~3.231,79€ (per today's currency exchange USD to EUR.)
  • 28 monthly backers with various amounts
  • 68 single donations with various amounts

  • During the past year there was only one invoice to pay, namely server costs dating from 2020 at a total of 246,62€.
  • There is one invoice upcoming, website and forums hosting until June 2023: 35,84€

Plans & Conclusion
First and foremost, we sincerely want to thank everyone giving support to the project financially! Every single Euro (or Dollar) is really appreciated and helps keeping the lights on, so to say.

Of course, the funds are not there to gather dust. We're currently planning to start visiting fairs and community meetings again. Dates and calls for participation start flying in, so marketing and booth material surely will eat up quite a few bucks. To gain more funds we recently put up a merchandising shop which already brings in a bit of money as well. Yet the calculations are not done there for now.

Furthermore another release is in the works and due for some time during summer. If you want to give a hand and help out making it happen, you're welcome to ping us on IRC or have a peek at Github.

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Re: [EN] Financial Report
« Reply #1 on: 2022/06/07, 18:58:41 »
Good!  Thank you for the information.
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Re: [EN] Financial Report
« Reply #2 on: 2022/06/23, 11:19:07 »
Cool, just a tiny feedback maybe create a mascotte (maybe asking to https://opensourcedesign.net/) can be a way to sell more merchandise because I would like to buy something but only the logo is not appealing to me so much.