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Author Topic: [EN] siduction-21.3.0-wintersky-kde-amd64 - irw and kde network manager  (Read 3062 times)

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Hello again,

One thing that didn't work after my fresh installation is my wifi.

The KDE network manager shows that I'm connected to all known and open wireless networks.

On command line (iwctl - station wlan0 show) it show the correct connection.

Additionally it seams that the wireless network is not very instable. While running
apt update it loads some reporistory but suddenly only error (no connection) occures.

At the moment I can use the notebook only with a wired network connection.

Does anyone has some ideas how to fix this?


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Did you perform an 'apt full-upgrade'?
If so, the config maybe changed!
Code: [Select]
cat /etc/iwd/main.conf

If it shows something like

Code: [Select]
# iwd is capable of performing network configuration on its own, including
# DHCPv4 based address configuration.  By default this behavior is
# disabled, and an external service such as NetworkManager, systemd-network
# or dhcpclient is required.  Uncomment the following line if you want iwd
# to manage network interface configuration.

remove the comment '#'' before 'EnableNetworkConfiguration=true' and restart.

For more information about

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