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Author Topic: [EN] How I put Siduction on to the Debian 12 Bookworm repository  (Read 18227 times)

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I love using Siduction and have placed it on all of my personal computers.  But for the computer provided by my employer, I need to run on Debian stable.  I thought of a compromise that would give me the fine-tuning of Siduction, but with Debian Bookworm as the repo.  I have tested this and it works, or at least I think it works. 

Does anyone care to comment on possible issues I may experience in the future?

This is what I did...
1 Install from the Siduction MOW 22.1.2 KDE Plasma ISO
2 Modify the sources list to specify the Debian 12 Bookworm, updates, backports, etc.
3 Disable the Siduction repo's so the siduction-specific packages do not update.
4 Perform an apt dist-upgrade.  I confirmed that all packages except for the kernel updated to Bookworm.  There are no packages other than the kernel that are at the wrong version number for Debian 12. 
5Replace the Siduction Liquorix kernel with the standard Debian 12 Bookworm kernel.