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Author Topic: My experience report on KDE Neon  (Read 3459 times)

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My experience report on KDE Neon
« on: 2017/09/06, 13:27:38 »
Hello siduction community,

I installed my KDE desktop from Debian KDE to KDE Neon at the end of June, because I was annoyed because of the numerous problems on the desktop KDE in Debian Unstable. To my productive working PC am dependent on a working desktop at all times and therefore can not afford me (partial) failure over several days.

Neon, a subproject under the wings of the KDE project, is ideal for my needs because it uses Ubuntu-LTS as a system sub-system and the latest KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE-Applications) as the desktop (Useredition). Since the neon project has a direct connection to the KDE project, serious bugs are much less common than Debian Unstable. In addition, the reported errors are usually fixed the next time the bug fix is ​​released.

The latest versions in Neon:
Plasma 5.10.5
Application 17.08.0
Frameworks 5.37

When I switched to Neon I was important that the interaction of KDEpim Suite with Kmail and Akonadi (MySQL) remained stable and reliable. Here in the past with Debian Unstable in my installation problems (calendar functionality, address book).

Due to a longer absence in August, I had already a comprehensive update (d-u with more than 400 packages), which consisted mainly of KDE packages, without any problems. After the d-u, the KDE desktop and its components worked without any abnormalities.

In total, I can personally certify the guys of KDE Neon a good work, so it should also run with Debian Unstable. The combination of stable (LTS) system substructure with the latest (KDE) desktop is very well implemented in this case.

Learn more about Neon:

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