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Author Topic:  X environment doesn't start on Samsung nc20  (Read 10472 times)


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X environment doesn't start on Samsung nc20
« on: 2012/12/09, 17:52:52 »
Hi Everybody,
A few days ago I booted the CD of Riders on the storm (rc1, but I don't remember well) on my samsung nc20, but it's not able to start the LXDE desktop and at the end of the boot process I'm prompted with just the shell of commands in front of my eyes (as in the noX flavour, I guess).

I saw the same problem with previous releases of siduction.

Actually, the graphic card of my laptop is quite exotic, being a VIA Chrome9 HC3.

Recently, I tried also the CD of the new release of aptosid and (as for the previous releases of aptosid) everything works well. My aim about the comparison with aptosid is as FAIR as possible, it is just to mention that the missing driver could be found there.

Thanks for your collaboration,