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Author Topic: [EN] [Solved] libqt5webview5 version 5.15.10-2 not installable breaks plasma-discover  (Read 3301 times)

Offline knappe

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libqt5webview5 still depends on qtwebengine-abi-5-15-14 which is provided by virtual package libqt5webenginecore5. qtwebengine-abi-5-15-14 can't be installed anymore though because libqt5webenginecore5 was updated to version 5.15.15. This breaks eg. plasma-discover because this package depends on libqt5webview5.

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Offline edlin

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From my point of view, I consider it a stroke of luck. Who actually uses Plasma-Discover? To me it feels like an online shop with recommendations and useless reviews. And I've had packages recommended to me that I've had on my computer for years.

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Offline knappe

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Well I for example use it to manage my flatpaks. i don't see any problem with it and it feels like a native way to do it in kde. Besides that this update will break every application that depends on libqt5webview5. Discover was just an example. Maybe I shouldn't have put it so prominently into the title of the thread.

Offline ghstryder

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Looks like it was updated, nothing to be removed now.

 Install  2 Packages                                                                                                                                           
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Offline knappe

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I can confirm that this is working again.