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Author Topic: [EN] nslookup defaults to  (Read 5202 times)

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[EN] nslookup defaults to
« on: 2022/09/20, 02:40:37 »
Forgive this post, and move this post/vent/question to the appropriate forum if this placement is incorrect.

I have a problem.

It has to do with DNS.

Sure, my lan DHCP recommends my local firewall DNS, and even connman GUI reports this.

But why does nslookup default to Google's server

I'd like to use some of the software servers I've setup on my local lan, but my local dns servers never resolve.  Meaning, if I want to utilize such services, I must rely on the absolute IP address.

I found the connman config in /var/lib/connman.  I both saved the original config and modified the current configuratin, looking to force lookups through my local firewall's dns service, without any success.  I still am missing access to my local servers, such as a remote desktop tool called https://guacamole.apache.org/.

Any action taken that could resolve this situation would be most helpful.

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