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Title: Kernel 5.11 not happening
Post by: ooglaboogla on 2021/03/09, 08:13:14
I figured I would post this here because I'm trying to do some rollin' but it ain't happenin'. What I mean is that over the last 3 days, I have run updates on Siduction twice. While it shows afterwards that software is up to date, the upgrade to Kernel 5.11 did not happen. I'm still running on Kernel 5.10.20. Not a big deal for now. Just curious if anyone else is having this issue.
Title: Re: Kernel 5.11 not happening
Post by: ooglaboogla on 2021/03/09, 08:50:44
Well, I found half of the solution on my own. I am triple-booting LMDE, SparkyLinux, and Siduction on this PC. LMDE is the one that has control of Grub2. After I updated the grub config in LMDE, the option for Siduction with kernel 5.11.4 showed up. However, it still wouldn't boot it by default. To boot to kernel 5.11.4, I had to select it in Advanced Options. I'm sure I'll get this straightened out. I've multi-booted windows and Linux for many years. I only recently started multi-booting Linux. (I don't even have windows installed anymore.) It never occurred to me that I would have to keep updating grub on the distro that has control of the boot process. No problem with Siduction here. I just need to get my boots straight.
Title: Re: Kernel 5.11 not happening
Post by: ooglaboogla on 2021/03/09, 09:21:45
OK, I found the rest of my screw-up. I didn't like the way grub was showing Debian/GNU, SparkyLinux, and Debian/GNU unstable sid. I wanted it to show LMDE, SparkyLinux, and Siduction. So I had edited the top level entries. Bad idea. After editing them, any changes in the default image to be loaded for each OS was not being updated in the top level entry, if that makes sense. Completely my fault. Hope some of you find this info useful, or you at least got a good laugh out of it. Made me feel a bit stupid. Am I allowed to use that word as long as I'm talking about myself?
Title: Re: Kernel 5.11 not happening
Post by: unklarer on 2021/03/09, 16:30:18
^There are many ways... no one is laughing at you here!    :)

I solve the problem like this:
- New installations; does the grub come into the PBR ( / ).
- Start the main grub and enter it in the 40_custom e.g.

Code: [Select]
menuentry 'Paint It Black - lxde (2016.1) (auf /dev/sda10)' {
set root='hd0,msdos10'
configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

and update this main grub.

- Reboot the new installation and remove the execute right of the file
Code: [Select]
  chmod -x 30_os-prober(others edit the /etc/default/grub for this purpose) and
Code: [Select]

(If you don't want to have the many submenu entries in the main grub, then put here before the update-grub command the entry
Code: [Select]
in /etc/default/grub

If one is then again in the main Grub, one makes this with the update command permanently.

In the future, the selection of new installations will ALWAYS be done with the most recent kernel there (because this is ALWAYS at the top of the grub.cfg). One can "forget" the update in the main grub.   ;D

It could then look like this:
( (
This line 'Paint It Black - lxde (2016.1) (on /dev/sda10)' is freely editable .   ;)
Title: Re: Kernel 5.11 not happening
Post by: ooglaboogla on 2021/03/10, 07:40:05
Thanks. Got my daily kernel upgrade again.