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Author Topic: [EN] after all this years we get rid of hwclockfirst  (Read 4220 times)

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[EN] after all this years we get rid of hwclockfirst
« on: 2012/05/21, 17:42:04 »
New util-linux comes with a rewrite of init.d scripts regarding clock time. I am a bit suspicious if this new change runs through as this issue was so overcomplicated. Be warned and look at your configs. I am yet not sure how the new clock config should be, becuase I have not done the DU yet, and following Changelog seems not so clear to me:
[Roger Leigh]

  * Improve handling of the hardware clock
    - Remove redundant hwclockfirst.sh and hwclock.sh.  The reason for
      this redundant script existing (/etc/localtime not being present
      until after /usr was mounted AFAICT) no longer exists.  The
      hwclock script has been adjusted to run before checkroot.
      Closes: #660365
    - Migrate existing
      UTC= setting in /etc/default/rcS to UTC/LOCAL in /etc/adjtime.
      This removes needless duplication of the setting, and prevents the
      behaviour of hwclock being overridden, and its configuration
      overwritten every shutdown.  Closes: #554345
    - The hwclock init scripts now use /etc/adjtime instead of the
      --utc and --localtime options (based on the UTC setting).
    - Add /etc/default/hwclock and hwclock(5) which permit
      configuration without editing the initscript, and also document
      all the undocumented variables used by the scripts.
      Closes: #481357, #659654
    - The udev hwclock-set script runs hwclock --tzset unconditionally
      in all cases (it's a no-op for UTC).
    - The user running "hwclock --systohc (--utc|--localtime)" is now
      handled correctly.  The clock state is recorded in /etc/adjtime
      and correctly handled on system restart.  This means the UTC
      setting in /etc/default/rcS doesn't create problems by requiring
      two separate changes (changing the UTC setting and running
      hwclock) to do the same thing.
    - Comment out the now-obsolete UTC= setting in /etc/default/rcS,
      with a reference to /etc/adjtime and hwclock 8.
- systemd uses /etc/adjtime as for hwclock to store the hardware
      clock UTC/LOCAL configuration.  This change means there's a
      single place to store the hardware clock configuration for all
      init systems.
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