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Author Topic: [EN] Test time shift  (Read 5447 times)


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[EN] Test time shift
« on: 2014/09/10, 23:15:16 »
@ actually  2315 CEST


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Re: Test time shift
« Reply #1 on: 2014/09/10, 23:40:42 »
The following calculation is for me, to understand what the forum time is (especially to find out, how old upgrade warnings really are etc.).

So, forum contribution made at 2315 CEST is indicated here as:

Code: [Select]
  am: Heute um 12:15:16 »
Let's assume 00:15:16 is meant instead of 12:15... .

It is:    CEST = UTC + 2h

So:  23 o'clock [CEST]= UTC + 2h leads to:  UTC = 21 (@ 23 CEST)

So far so good.

If forum time at 2315 CEST is 0015, then forum time is CEST + 1h.

Using upper formule,

Forum time = CEST + 1 h = UTC + 2h + 1h.

So forum time = UTC +3, but why?

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Re: Test time shift
« Reply #2 on: 2014/09/11, 10:10:32 »
Just FYi, when I am not logged in Firefoy shows the forum in english, your first post yesterday is shown to me as from <<on: Yesterday at 23:15:16>> and the time in the left menu under 'Welcome guest' shows 2014/09/11, 10:06:56 which is correct local time for me.

When I log in, the forum switches to german, the times of your post stay in the correct time shown, only the date format switches (Gestern um 23:15) and in the menubar no time is shown.

In my forum profil data under Design & Layout I have:
Zeitformat:  (Forumstandard)
Zeitverschiebung: 0
Aktuelle Zeit des Forums 2014-09-11, 10:07
^^ perhaps Zeitverschiebung/timeshift is where you could have a look?
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Re: Test time shift
« Reply #3 on: 2014/09/11, 11:22:59 »
Forum time (same as "Welcome Guest" time) is 6 hours later than my U.S. Eastern time zone, with some variation for the Daylight Savings Time change, which is not necessarily the same date in Europe as in the U.S.  When I make a post, I see it come up on the forum showing my local time, plus one hour during DST.  When I log out, my post time changes to CE time.
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Re: Test time shift
« Reply #4 on: 2014/09/11, 19:15:27 »
I have to read this careful on the weekend and check.Thanks for commenting.