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Author Topic: [EN] error: no suitable video mode found. booting in blind mode.  (Read 2672 times)

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I have been getting the error message in the subject line above since doing the last 2-3 updates done from the standard repositories for siduction 2021.3 and 2022.1.  My only additions to the original installations have been these updates, plus the Brave browser, gnucash, and scilab to each installation.  There are three desktops, running multiple linux (the two varieties of siduction with KDE, mx21, and mxavlinux) and windows 11 in multiboot mode using Grub2 as the boot loader.  I think the issue is within grub, but am not sure of that. 

I have tried Googling with the error message shown and have tried suggestions like the one below from github:

[color=var(--color-fg-muted)][color=var(--color-fg-default)][color=var(--color-fg-muted)][color=var(--color-fg-muted)]stucki[/iurl] [/b]commented [color=var(--color-fg-muted)]on Sep 2, 2020[/iurl] [color=var(--color-fg-muted)]•[/color]
[color=var(--color-fg-muted)][color=var(--color-fg-default)][color=var(--color-fg-default)][color=var(--color-fg-default)]@hacker1024[/iurl] I had the same issue and just fixed it. I think it's an issue of the boot manager which doesn't detect your video well. In my case, I'm using Grub on a Surface Go in a minimal setup (just the plain
Code: [Select]
/boot/grub/grub.cfg[color=var(--color-fg-muted)][color=var(--color-fg-default)][color=var(--color-fg-default)] and no scripts which modify it). The solution was to add the following two lines on top of
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
insmod all_video
insmod gfxterm
You can also just press "c" in Grub to get a command line, and try running these commands from there. You can then go back to the menu using Escape key.
Good luck![/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/color]

Tried adding these two line at the top of grub.cfg (my original file changed to grub.txt to fit this message tool) and could detect no change in behavior.

Does anyone have suggestions, specifically for use with siduction?
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