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Author Topic: [EN] BTRFS install on an RAID0  (Read 2810 times)

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[EN] BTRFS install on an RAID0
« on: 2023/02/05, 10:58:14 »
Is it possible to install Siduction Linux on 2x Samsung Evo 970 plus 1TB combined as btrfs RAID0?


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Re: BTRFS install on an RAID0
« Reply #1 on: 2023/02/05, 19:07:02 »
It SHOULD be possible (that dangerous word!).

I have two running siduction systems, which have most of the OS on a single ssd, and /mnt/DATA on btrfs filesystems on a matched pair of hdds, (WD1000s). If you can install /boot on another bootable drive, (efi boot partition on a different hdd or ssd), then I think this well be perfectly functional. I doubt that you can boot from a dual-drive btrfs filesystem -- I think you'll need the third drive with efi partition to put /boot on. 
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Re: BTRFS install on an RAID0
« Reply #2 on: 2023/02/05, 23:18:54 »
It should be doable but I agree with dibl, keep the OS away from the data. Installing the system on a smaller disc then mouting the raid on /data would work nicely. Although not raid, on my laptops I install the system onto a minimal partitiion as well as the efi partition etc then use the rest of the drive for data. I even go further and move all the directories in /home ie: Documents, Pictures etc into the /data partition and link them back to /home. The /data partition is then backed up via usb drive and/or network. If there is ever a problem or I want a change I just reinstall and mount the /data partition.

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Re: BTRFS install on an RAID0
« Reply #3 on: 2023/02/06, 16:17:16 »
If you want to use Btrfs for the system:
Never use a separate boot partition or boot subvolume.
All kernels for all snapshots are offered in the boot menu, regardless of whether they belong together. You are asking for serious trouble.

When installing on raid 0 and into a Btrfs filesystem, you can very well take advantage of Btrfs. Btrfs can also handle different drives and partitions. Please note our information under siduction/grub-btrfs-rollback_settings about handling snapper and rollback.

I strongly support eriefisher's suggestion. The advantages of his setup are almost immeasurable and separate the important personal data from the operating system.
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Re: BTRFS install on an RAID0
« Reply #4 on: 2023/02/09, 22:03:58 »
Thank you all for your information!
I will have to dig more into btrfs to understand how it is used the most efficient way with snapper...
Until then I user the standard installation scheme what comes with seduction linux