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Author Topic: [EN] From Siduction to Debian  (Read 2710 times)

Offline croweland

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[EN] From Siduction to Debian
« on: 2023/06/18, 09:39:37 »
Just for my curiosity is this possible?
if yes how is possible?
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Re: From siduction to Debian
« Reply #1 on: 2023/06/18, 10:14:03 »
Well, what do you want to do? Change to debian stable or only using pure debian sid/unstable and it's kernel?
"siduction" is more than 90% debian sid/unstable btw.

Yes it is possible to stay in unstable without the siduction-scripts, kernel and fixes (if one needed).
Disable the siduction source lists, remove all siduction related packages, install the debian kernel and remove the siduction kernel, if you really want, than you have a pure debian unstable/sid

How to migrate back to stable? I don't know, best is to install a stable debian from scratch .

Ah, one thing, please change the name from Diduction to siduction!
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Re: From Siduction to Debian
« Reply #2 on: 2023/06/18, 19:21:17 »
if yes how is possible?
Install Bunsen Labs linux, and set repos to follow Debian unstable:

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Re: From Siduction to Debian
« Reply #3 on: 2023/06/18, 21:41:19 »
Sorry, you've missed the right moment for this. When the freeze of unstable ends because a new stable came out, in just that moment are stable, testing and unstable more or less the same. Then is the right time to switch your sources to stable only. It takes a while but after the first updates came to stable the most part of your system should be stable.

Ok, there is more to do: Find the packages that are not in stable and delete them, apt-show-versions is your friend. Then find them in stable or live without them.
Ah and don't forget install a stable kernel in the first place, because the siduction one is not in unstable or testing. I think there will be more bad things to be aware off but as I said: You missed the right time anyway
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