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Author Topic: Survey on systemd Who uses it?  (Read 40834 times)

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Re: Survey on systemd Who uses it?
« Reply #120 on: 2013/10/30, 22:13:54 »
hmm, I had those nouveau messagges on both systems and also those strange freezes. On the main-box this was a lot more the case. I will wait and  see how it goes and then maybe try to test again nouveau on the second box.


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Re: Survey on systemd Who uses it?
« Reply #121 on: 2013/11/17, 14:27:05 »
Hi, I just registered but I have been Siduction for some months. Other distros that I use on a regular basis are Arch (systemd), LinuxBBQ (which is based on Siduction of course. Some versions have systemd as init), Mint (upstart? I don't know to be honest) and Crunchbang (debian stable, sysV I suppose).

My experience is that Arch with systemd boots fast and closes very fast. LinuxBBQ (siduction+systemd) is also fast, slightly less - perhaps  because Debian can't use the newest systemd versions? I use lightweight Windowmanagers, such as Openbox and i3wm. I haven't done scientific comparisons, but it feels like the more systemd, the faster boot and close is.

Stability wise, I can't tell differences. I did have X11 crashes in Arch. I haven't really dived into it, but I suppose this is a conflict of the kernel with my hardware (Lenovo Thinkpad), I doubt that systemd is to blame, but you never know of course.

The concept of systemd appeals to me. Yes, it does look monolithic and non-UNIX like, but to me the explanation of Lennart P. is convincing: the alternative is to have lots of seperate config files. I would welcome some unification, one way to set keyboard, mouse, time, locales etc. I a windowmanager most people like it when there is only one file to edit for settings.... so, why not have one system for init and lots of "householding" (keyboard setting, screen settings etc.) as well?  I must admit that most of the technical discussions are WAY over my head, I'm just a simple user :-)

Anyway: keep up the great work, siduction crew !!

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Re: Survey on systemd Who uses it?
« Reply #122 on: 2013/11/17, 16:09:08 »
On a 4-year old netbook with an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD, I get from grub menu to slim login prompt in 14 seconds, and to the LXDE desktop 5 seconds after I enter my password.  Desktops with hard drives are a bit slower, of course, but still way faster than with sysv.  As a person who never really mastered the Debian init scripts and levels in the first place, systemd seems no more intimidating, and is definitely much faster.
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Re: Survey on systemd Who uses it?
« Reply #123 on: 2013/11/27, 13:11:02 »
I have tried systemd on some different computers and also  different hard disks on one computer. My experience is that I gain much more time with systemd and a ssd disk than a non ssd disk. The difference in start time with or without systemd is bigger with ssd than non ssd.