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inxi bugs or failures - please report

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i'm doing a big cleanup of inxi and have found a lot of failures, changed paths, changed or new syntax for things, I'm fixing them as I go along, but let me know if you have any data where something fails to get reported, for example, before inxi 2.1.4, lspci output for graphics cards that used: 3D controller OR Display Controller were not getting handled so those cards would go non recognized.

I found these failures by chance while checking some inxi stuff on the web, and also found and fixed some other bugs, like -d not reporting the optical device name/brand and rev number. That should now be fixed, the /sys/ path had changed, easy to fix with xiin output.

So if you see something fail, get missed, etc, let me know and I'll get it updated.

For those who care about such things, inxi help now wraps dynamically to fit the size of the terminal, takes a bit more time to show help, but it will fit whatever size terminal you use, no matter how narrow. Max width is a global set at 115 columns, but you can change that in /etc/inxi.conf if you want.

I'm aware of certain drivers reporting as FAILED when they aren't, but I believe that is an issue in Xorg.0.log, but if you have a case where Xorg.0.log reports successful load after it reports fail, then post the log and I should be able to resolve that issue. I believe it's a bug however somewhere that is not inxi, but it could also be some change in nourveau, which is where I see the issue most.

I didn't know that inxi could give so much information, I have only used -3 before. Now I checked the -help and found out :)

Didn't know that inxi was from h2 either, long time since I heard anything from you. I have no info about bugs and failures but anyway tanks for inxi h2

update to 2.1.7 came in today, checked the manpage and found option -v7.

Simply nice.

Need a chip ID? Internal or external IP? The uuid/label/size of a certain device? Drivers in use? .....

No need to search through /dev, /etc or remember a lot of commands, just ask inxi.
Detailed, fine ordered overview.

Thanks for that

h2 is back! Did not know up to now that he is behind inxi.
Thansk for that tool!

inxi 2.1.10 now features more dynamic line wraps, with fixes for some of the ones that didn't work right. -C works better now for example with > 2 cpu core speeds listed, though the single core speed is not wrapping fully et at very narrow widths, ie, 80 columns.

--recommends and -c 94-99, the color selector tool, now wrap well.

Some error messages for missing data etc is now working better for 80 column widths.

And of course, what everyone has been waiting for, inxi now supports showing supybot/limnoria/gribble version information if inxi is started via irc client with shell command, but don't ask me how to do it, all I know is it works. I guess that lets you get data from the host server system or something, not sure, someone wanted it, so there it is.

-G wraps a lot better now too. -D -d -N and -A still aren't fully wrapping. -p/-P now I think should wrap ok unless the mount point is a very long path, but it's too hard to get those wraps perfect so I'm calling it good enough. It's all a lot better than it was so I"m not worried about perfection, but each line takes a lot of testing to get to wrap right with all data combinations.

Sometimes there may appear to be a blank line, but if you highlight the console you'll see that actually it was a forced wrap of a trailing space, which I am having a very hard time getting rid of internally, but that issue  usually only appears at exactly 80 columns, if the line is 79 columns wide including the trailing space/character.


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