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new manual accessible only via ISO d/l? (Not online?)

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I wanted do have a look at the new manual, but couldn'd find any link, not in the email, not in the release notes, not in the forum. So I assume it is available and accessible only via the new ISO (would have been helpfull to clarify this with a few words)?

If so, then

--- Quote ---Siduction, as a Linux LIVE DVD/CD, is heavily compressed. Therefore, please be careful when burning a CD/DVD to install from or run live. Please use DAO mode (disk at once) and do not burn faster than 8x. Nowadays it is much easier and more convenient to just use dd or cat to transfer the iso image to a USB stick and boot directly from it. Please read the section about installations in the manual.
--- End quote ---
is a bit pointless, even if you meant the *old* manual ... because it isn't available here either.

I know, you are doing a great job to  keep siduction alive. Thanks for that. I only wanted to point out it is not so easy to use what you offer ... . It would be much more helpfull to be able to access the manual, possibly the new manual, before you d/l the ISO.

Or am I missing something?


Hard to find?

Or siduction.org ==> Hilfe (help) ==> Handbuch (manual)?

Also hard to find?


--- Quote from: towo on 2021/08/05, 21:22:25 ---https://manual.siduction.org/

Hard to find?
--- End quote ---

Yes. Seriously.

That's exactly the link *which is missing* in the email, the release notes (there you link to a person, translators, git, whatever, but not to what you actually talking about) and elsewhere in the forum (except your answer here). In short: that's what I am talking about.

--- Quote from: towo on 2021/08/05, 21:22:25 ---Or siduction.org ==> Hilfe (help) ==> Handbuch (manual)?

Also hard to find?

--- End quote ---

Yes. siduction.org ==> Hilfe (help)  gives me ***nothing*** (tried with Vivaldi and Chromium).

Bottom line: If you talk about something (email, release notes) the reader may expect a link to what you are talking about. And I think it would be a good idea. You think otherwise. Fine (I am not, but I pretend to be.)



--- Quote from: michaa7 on 2021/08/06, 11:27:23 ---...
Yes. siduction.org ==> Hilfe (help)  gives me ***nothing*** (tried with Vivaldi and Chromium).

--- End quote ---
That is really strange, as it works for me with Chromium, Chrome beta, Firefox and Opera in a Windows VM. Probably some blocking...

You have to distinguish between the Help/Hilfe inside the forum and on the landing page. The latter just shows the help for the forum software SMF, while the one on the forum itself shows links to manual and wiki.


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