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Author Topic: [EN]  fix-dpi-kdm  (Read 3095 times)


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[EN] fix-dpi-kdm
« on: 2013/11/04, 11:01:25 »
Does siduction have the old shell script  "fix-dpi-kdm" available? Sidux and later, Aptosid, had this script available to fix font issues on very large monitors/tvs. Thanks.

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Re: fix-dpi-kdm
« Reply #1 on: 2013/11/04, 11:40:23 »
yes, this script is available.

apt-cache search fix dpi kdm ---> result: "siduction-scripts - miscellaneous scripts for siduction"

btw, i am running a dual-screen setup with 24" displays and could not find any problems with dpi... what is your particular issue?


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Re: fix-dpi-kdm
« Reply #2 on: 2013/11/06, 04:56:00 »
Fantastic! I have had a lot of font problems running the KDE desktop on a 32 inch monitor/TV. This script fixes it beautifully! Thanks!