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Author Topic:  System Tray and Updates Icon  (Read 738 times)

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System Tray and Updates Icon
« on: 2022/03/08, 16:24:48 »
Hello again

Clicking on the software icon in the System Tray brings up Discover, which has to do an apt update before it shows the update data. Previously, the data would already be there, when it was using the packagekit software updates app. I believe the older packagekit app was called plasma-pk-updates (or Software Updates) or something similar.

I would like to change the action of the updates icon back to using packagekit, but I can't find the configuration file that would allow me to do that. I've searched in /home/.config , down into the depths of plasma.org.kde.plasma-desktop and even tried to find information on the plasma-desktop website without luck.

System Tray settings only allows for appearance changes, but I'm stumped. Does anyone know where in the maze of configuration files I'm able to change the actions of the Updates icon?

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