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Author Topic: [EN] 11.1 live refused to boot on Intel DN2700MUD mobo  (Read 3267 times)


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[EN] 11.1 live refused to boot on Intel DN2700MUD mobo
« on: 2012/05/08, 23:14:22 »
I was unable to get the good siduction 11.1 disk used to set up this partition to boot on a new Intel DN2700MUD mobo box.  That is the new Cedar Trail series Atom board with 2 64 bit cores.  I can't give you a log output because the boot failed too early...stoped dead after several lines executed and would not proceed. The mobo has successfully loaded, installed and run a Squeeze distro, AntiX M12(with both i486 and 686 kernels) and Knoppix 6.7.1 The 3.3x liquorix kernel I tried to use in AntiX ran ok except the video output only filled the upper half of the screen.

It is a nice mobo for the most part with very low power consumption, no fan at all and would make a nice firewall or router with a supplemental ethernet card, running headless.  The Intel Graphics are pretty limiting and a supplemental graphics card like a fanless Nvidia 210 would be needed for much video work or casual gaming. As runing presently with a poorly efficient PSU, an old WD hdd and an old flourescent backlighted monitor, the total workstation power consumption is 60 watts...nice if your AC is expensive.  At $110 US with 2G of memory, not a bad deal.