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Author Topic: [EN] concerning a new box  (Read 2664 times)


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[EN] concerning a new box
« on: 2012/09/01, 22:16:09 »
Hi all,

I will, as always after 7 years, design and acquire a new box end of the year. My design requirements are:

i5 quad core
boot ssd 160 GiB
HD 2 * 2 TiB

All my boxes before had two identical HD's as will the new one. Now I plan a RAID1 for the two HD's.

I look for

- a link to the newest instruction how to set a RAID up on a new nake machine (debian.siduction, no WIN, multiboot maybe later) and

- I look for experienced people who can help/support me, in case I experience problems during setup and lateron in operation.

Thanks guys for your welcomed feedback!