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Author Topic:  Install Canon Pixma MG5450 Scan/Print Combination  (Read 3135 times)


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Install Canon Pixma MG5450 Scan/Print Combination
« on: 2014/03/30, 18:47:14 »
Hi all,

I am going to install the drivers for the combi box and plan to prceed as follows. Thereby I have some questions (manual in the moment nozt available).

  • I downloaded two tar.gz 's, one for print and one for scan.
  • I untar them and install them with dpkg -i *.
    Does it matter to where i download or from which directory I install them?
  • For each function (print and scan) 4 debs are provided (i386 and amd64).
    I have to take the amd64 as I am on 64 bit. Do I have to install each both?
    Does the sequence matter? There is no readme.
  Do I have to obey anything else after, besides
Code: [Select]
# dpkg -i *.deb
# apt-get -f install
# exit
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