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Author Topic: [EN] Spell checker needed for new English manual pages  (Read 2668 times)

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[EN] Spell checker needed for new English manual pages
« on: 2022/12/22, 02:01:36 »
Dear people,

we need your support.

The english translation of the new manual pages for Btrfs and Snapper should be delivered with the 'Master of War' Relaese. It has been translated from German using DeepL.

We are urgently looking for a competent person, for checking spelling and expression.

The files in question are on GitHub siduction/sidu-manual :

  • 0704-sys-admin-btrfs-snapper_en.md
  • 0310-hd-install_en.md
         lines 5-15, 31, 136-137
  • 0700-sys-admin_en.md
         lines 13-15

Thanks in advance.
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