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Author Topic: [EN] "Upgrade Warnings" bloated  (Read 10029 times)

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[EN] Re: "Upgrade Warnings" bloated
« Reply #15 on: 2014/08/26, 03:48:30 »
Quote from: vilde
Quote from: melmarker on Yesterday at 09:10:15 PMhmm, vilde - i think if you wanted this job done you must stand up and become moderator @ melmarker, That's a very common type of answer here. I understand that you are a limited amount of people working with this probably on your free time for no pay. But to answer like that when someone has a suggestion is like saying "don't come here and want anything at all, we don't have time, that's not important to us" Probably it is like that but why shall anybody make a suggestion, why shall we have a "Ideas and Improvements then"? For me it feels somewhat rude to answer like that. I didn't came with a demand, it was a suggestion to discuss about. And my answer to you melmarker is that I have no possibility, I'm not able to make any commitments to do any kind of regular work here on siduction or anywhere else. If anybody want to know why?, I will not tell you.

Don't understand me wrong, I really appriciate all work being done here by everybody who develops, moderates or whatever, and I have written that before, but I'm not i a very good mood for the moment and I feel bad being answered like that.

If you have such thin skin and think that was rude, don't ever go to any forum and ask this question that you asked.

It would be interesting to see if there is someone else who has an opinion about this?

You will get eaten alive

You gave your opinion, you asked for ours (community) and now basically you got answers you didn't want to hear (opinions) and because of opinion, that person is rude.

Free speech isn't just fucking saying what you want to say, it's also hearing what you don't want to fucking hear

I either give too many fucks or no fucks at all, it's like I cannot find a middle ground for a moderate fuck distribution, it's like what the fuck

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Re: "Upgrade Warnings" bloated
« Reply #16 on: 2014/08/26, 11:16:57 »
@ piper, I have been eaten alive here and on other places before, I know how it is when I can't shut up :)

@ melmarker, it's ok, I prefer that you are a little ruff in English than softer in German, neither English or German is my native language but German would be really rude ;)

Have a nice day everybody, now I shall make a "Skåne-runt-tur" for one week.