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Author Topic:  How do I add a new page  (Read 10864 times)


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How do I add a new page
« on: 2012/12/05, 20:51:00 »
During a recent install of Siduction onto a new Toshiba U840, I got some good support in the IRC. devil asked that I add how I ended up solving the problem of software raided disks to get sid installed to the wiki.

I've signed up for the wiki but only seem to be able to edit existing pages.  I need to add a new one under the Installation category.  Do I need additional rights to do this or am I missing something?  'Cus I can't find a place to do it and no help pages in the wiki itself.


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How do I add a new page
« Reply #1 on: 2012/12/05, 21:42:42 »
Navigate to 'Installation, put the name you want your page to have in the search filed. Look for the link for: 'start this page' or the like.