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Author Topic:  Question on wiki LightDM_insteed_KDM  (Read 8790 times)

Offline ayla

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Question on wiki LightDM_insteed_KDM
« on: 2014/03/09, 15:59:55 »
After installation, go to KDE systemsettings -> login screen, here is the configuration for LightDM. Select a background picture, a theme (userbar or classic), or configure autologin and guestlogin on the advanced-tab.
Is this right in between? One didn't have to go to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf anymore to set the autologin user there?

Greets ayla

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Re: Question on wiki LightDM_insteed_KDM
« Reply #1 on: 2014/03/09, 18:25:00 »
if one use the fugly kde-greeter - no. It remains the same if one use the gkt-greeter, which we provide with siduction kde.

EDIT: Wrote the same in the discussion page for this article - thanks ayla.
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