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Author Topic: [EN] packet loss  (Read 2682 times)


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[EN] packet loss
« on: 2014/06/26, 23:01:09 »
I'm routinely seeing 18-22% packet loss when using my laptop. At first I had blamed my ISP but I've started pinging simultaneously on my macbook air and am finding 1-2% packet loss during the same period. Any thoughts on what could explain it?

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Re: packet loss
« Reply #1 on: 2014/06/27, 00:22:58 »
Unplug from router, go straight to computer (if hard wired)
Are you still getting packet loss ?

Many reasons for packet loss, depending what you use, fiber, cable, dsl

Overcrowded nodes is the main problem especially certain times of the day, now that school is just about out, look for it to get worse.
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Re: packet loss
« Reply #2 on: 2014/06/27, 02:33:55 »
I don't have access to the router but it's definitely the wifi network. Tethering to my phone is flawless. Will call up the ISP that provides the WiFi to my building.