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Author Topic: [EN] WiFi/Ceni problems on macbook air  (Read 3734 times)


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[EN] WiFi/Ceni problems on macbook air
« on: 2015/02/08, 05:59:39 »
Hi everyone. I've just installed the latest release of siduction LXQt on my mid 2012 macbook air (model 5,2) and am pretty happy with it so far. Having trouble getting the wifi to work however.

I've tried installing the firmware-b43-installer package and the using the appropriate modprobe commands as suggested in the manual and by fw-detect. However when I go to run ceni to connect to my wifi I get an error when I attempt to scan for networks with the following content:
Scanning for wireless networks.. Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant Could not set interface wlan0 flags (UP): No such file or directory
nl80211: could not set interface 'wlan0' UP
Could not set interface wlan0 flags (UP): No such file or directory
WEXT: could not set interface 'wlan0' UP
wlan0: Failed to initialize driver interface

Then ceni just sits there and doesn't do anything. lsmod shows that I have both the brcmsmac and b43 kernal modules loaded.
Also I don't know if this is relevant but the main ceni menu shows my wlan0 interface as brcmsmac Unknown description.
The wifi card (using lspci -n | grep -i net) is a broadcom BCM43224 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 01)

Right now I'm typing this from the running siduction install using my phone with usb tethering (which is then connected to my home wifi :P) so at least usb networking is working.
Any help at all with this would be much appreciated. Especially because siduction really seems like the right distro for me, rolling release with debian base is exactly what I've been looking for for ages as well as the ease of install apart from this wifi problem.

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Re: WiFi/Ceni problems on macbook air
« Reply #1 on: 2015/02/08, 08:43:15 »
Hi and welcome to siduction.
I never used linux on a Mac before, so forgive my question: are you positive, this is the right firmware/driver? Can we see the output of
Code: [Select]
lspci -nn | grep -i broad for a start plus anything on the device that dmesg or journalctl have.

edit: what device name does ifconfig give the device?
edit2: you should also keep an eye on this htread, although this has nothing to do with your immediate problem.

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Re: WiFi/Ceni problems on macbook air
« Reply #2 on: 2015/02/08, 13:54:56 »
Debian wiki says you need to install firmware-brcm80211.  Don't forget to rmmod the other modules.
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