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Title: Opensource phone / Phones running Linux
Post by: kokurya on 2021/07/24, 19:54:41
As the title is saying I've been waiting for a nice little opensource cellphone (like a lot of us) but always got stuck wiht different reasons.
Now in the summertime it is getting a little less stressy at work and I have now gone for the Pinephone (32gb + 3gb) which I ordered today.

Why did I buy the Pinephone:
- affordable + 10$ go directly to the community for development
- a lot of development (Manjaro, Ubuntu Touch, etc)

Another reason is that I think Purism with Librem 5 seems to loose the way.
With a price getting higher and higher and an even more absurd "produced in the U.S. - Edition" for 1999,-...

Does anyone already have any experience with a Pinephone, a Librem 5 or anything like it?
Title: Re: Opensource phone / Phones running Linux
Post by: devil on 2021/07/25, 11:04:10
I have had a PinePhone in the first  edition for ~ a year. There is a lot of exiting development from projects like postmarketOS, Mobian and many others. This is laying the ground floor for a hopefully sustainable future for Linux Phones. The PinePhone will never be my daily driver, it's hardware is just too mediocre. Pine64 has still to announce a successor with better specs, no idea if that will ever happen.

I also ordered a Librem 5 in Oct. 2017 and still waiting for delivery, hopefully in October this year. When talking about the price of the L5, you have to factor in, that they not only developed an operating system, but also the mainboard and the whole layout from zero. That is a major undertaking and I give them credit for it.
Title: Re: Opensource phone / Phones running Linux
Post by: kokurya on 2021/07/26, 14:05:40
I will find out if the Pinephone can be daily driver for me.

Main functions for me are calls and a little browser.
If there is a working version of Signal I would be a little happy me ;)