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Versuch macht kluch

I am not sure if it is related or not, but in two of my systems the solution was "apt install libqalculate22 libqalculate22-data".  After that I was able to DU without losing any package.

(I was able to see the conflict with 'apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=yes dist-upgrade'.)

This was weird, because in one of my systems this was done automatically, but in the other two I had to do it manually.

"apt install libqalculate22 libqalculate22-data"
Das Paket libqalculate22-data gibt es wohl nicht. Ich habe libqalculate22 installiert, wobei libqalculate20-data durch libqalculate-data ersetzt wurde.
Danach lief DU problemlos durch.

Danke, edlin
"apt install libqalculate22 libqalculate22-data".
I guess the package libqalculate22-data does not exist. I installed libqalculate22, replacing libqalculate20-data with libqalculate-data.
After that DU ran through without any problems.

Thanks, edlin

Perfekte Lösung, danke, auch für den vertieften Blick hinter apt!

For the record, 'apt full-upgrade libqalculate22+' should do the trick ;)


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