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Author Topic: KDE SC 4.11.2 arriving to kdenext  (Read 13171 times)

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KDE SC 4.11.2 arriving to kdenext
« Reply #45 on: 2013/10/13, 12:20:33 »
I tried the update with santas new repo now.

The good thing is that inserting CDs/DVDs or Sticks is recognised here (still).
The bad thing is plasma-desktop still here stays completely black and crashes when restarting it via an xterm.
netbook-plasma works here too so I could test the handling of CDS/DVDs/Sticks with that.


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KDE SC 4.11.2 arriving to kdenext
« Reply #46 on: 2013/10/13, 12:21:07 »
I reverted the installation of the mentioned files to the versions they were before, disabled Santa's repo and all media do work again (i.e. they appear in dolphin's places sidebar after inserting them). I still have the black = crashed plasma-desktop so at least that has to be something else...
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