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2017/06/29, 03:55:37


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Even vbox needs to be patched from time to time. Try this one:
Different is preparing vm templates for a business infrastructure...

Building a business infrastructure on sid is cool 8) (my english isn't that good, maybe i mixed some things and really mean nuts)
Thank you so much for paying attention, @piper.
Sorry for late answer - I was offline.

Actually, if the aim were just using stuff on a local PC, that could be totally viable.

Different is preparing vm templates for a business infrastructure...
I ran vmware player on sidux/aptosid/siduction from about 2008 until 2015. During that time, I cannot say how many times the vmware module compiler fell apart under a new kernel. After the "Big Kernel Lock" was dropped, I think it was six months before vmware could compile the needed modules. It seems to be a very brittle code that cannot tolerate much change in the kernel. I am happy to be rid of it, and using qemu/kvm since 2 years to run Win 10 and some unique tools only available for Windows.
OK I can confirm that 12.5.7 works on 4.11.7-towo.1, reinstallation filled the bill.

I can understand that you might not care, but people running siduction generally like to be bleeding edge on everything and like to be able to run whatever possible... after all, since sidux age, the distro is way more desktop than server oriented, excatly due to frequent du need and availability of latest programs.

Then, of course, I also like more virtualbox, but, unfortunately, sometimes I need the vmware garbage too :(
Btw, i don't really care about if vmware works or not on our kernels.
Vmware is a premium product and only certifyed for stable distros with stable kernel APIs.
So just need 12.5.7?

This damn product keeps on crashing every couple of new kernels... grrrr
It also looks that some are also dealing with the same madness....
Recent version is 12.5.7 and this version works wit 4.12-rcX too.
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