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Author Topic:  Cups with parallel port printer consumes 100% CPU  (Read 2610 times)

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Cups with parallel port printer consumes 100% CPU
« on: 2012/02/15, 18:56:51 »

after d-u about two weeks ago (with inclusion of separate package cups-filters) my laserjet 4 on parport stopped printing. /usr/lib/cups/backends/parallel consumed 100% CPU.
Downgrade to testing solved the issue.

Found these Bugreports:

I experimented a bit and found a (quick'n'dirty) hack.
- Did a d-u to get newest cups (parallel consumes 100% CPU).
- Replaced /usr/lib/cups/backend/parallel (in cups-filters_1.0.1-1) with the file from cups_1.5.0-13 / testing. The printer works again.

I will investigate further if I have some spare time.

Code: [Select]
CPU[-Intel Pentium M clocked at 600.000 Mhz-]  Kernel[-Linux 3.2-6.towo.1-siduction-686 i686-]  Up[-2:34-]  Mem[-632.7/1010.2MB-]  HDD[-120GB(74%used)-]  Procs[-159-]  Client[Shell]

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