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What is going on with CUPS?


I know this question is about an upstream component, but I wonder what is going on with CUPS? It has been upgraded on my system three days in a row. Are they pushing buggy upgrades, then scrambling to fix them, or something else?


Well, I found this, which seems to indicate that the module installed this morning is the correct current package, And I see in the News section that versions 11, 11.1, and 12 were released on consecutive days. But, nothing that says why they are re-releasing it every day.

Nothing is wrong, this is just a question for my personal understanding.


Hehe, I'm wondering too but you'll get used to it. :) I dist-upgrade about once a week and it's very rare that cups is not on the list.

oh these are "only" debian updates, mostly they are fixing bugs, cups has plenty of them (

You can see that these updates are mostly debian, if you look at the version number of the package: (ex. 1.5.3-2.11 - 1.5.3 is the upstream version, and 2.11 "is the internal debian version").


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