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Author Topic: Repartition my Disk  (Read 593 times)

Offline sotnik

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Repartition my Disk
« on: 2021/01/11, 05:19:17 »
I have the following partitions:
I would like to remove all the windows partitions and I will run windows for some applications from VM.
Also I would like to increase  root and home partitions
What is the best way to proceed, if there is any, without destroying my siduction installation?
Thank you in advance 

Offline ReinerS

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Re: Repartition my Disk
« Reply #1 on: 2021/01/11, 09:15:13 »
Well, first a complete backup of the disk/partitions. Maybe with clonezilla.
Then you could do some planning about what you want to change and what you need to keep (i.e. EFI-partition and what (and where) is needed for the BIOS) and then reconfigure/resize your partitions carefully (best via a Live-DVD/-Stick) with gparted.

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