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login screen not present in systemsettings

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Today, being Saturday, I have more time for fancy, so I was going to customize a bit KDE.

With my big surprise either:

$ systemsettings
$ sudo systemsettings

do not show any item such as "login screen" within system administration section.
Nevertheless the manual points there: http://manual.siduction.org/wm-dm

So, where do I change login screen theme?

That special section in the manual is a bit outdated and refers to the former used loginmanager kdm, while siduction now uses lightdm. For the gtk version of the greeter there's no configuration gui yet, you have to edit the file  /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf  to your needs, like
--- Code: ---[greeter]

--- End code ---

You'll find some more hints when searching the forum for lightdm or lightdm-gtk-greeter.

Für KDE gibt es auch lightdm-kde-greeter - der enthält auch ein Konfigurationsmodul für systemsettings.

Thanks for both answers.

I chose to go the easy way and installed lightdm-kde-greeter, no lifetime to waste on DM configs....
Maybe, besides manual update, lightdm-kde-greeter should be preinstalled.

nope - we will never ever install the kde-greeter. Sorry. Its the same thing as with kdm - dead, unmaintained code.


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