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Is there an English language version of the Wiki?

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Is there an English version of the Wiki that I cannot find, or is it only available in German?


At this point it's all German except for the major subject titles.

Is there something you're looking for, that's not covered in the manual?

Thanks for your response, dibl. No, I just wanted to look through the Wiki to see if I could pick up any additional tips.


FYI, a new siduction forum is being developed, on a new forum platform. Once that is done and online, I've considered translating some of the most useful wiki items, and also writing some further items for the English users.  Hopefully that can happen later this year.

Meanwhile, bear in mind that siduction is Debian, and there's already a lot of Debian coverage all over the 'net.

In chrome (and I guess Firefox) you can install the Google Translate add-on.  this handily recognises 'foreign' languages and offers to translate them for you.  Does a pretty good job, or at least, it allows you to understand the wiki pages.


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