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Upgrade Warnings (DE / EN) / Re: Problem with Chromium update
« Last post by Kan on Today at 19:40:27 »
That is odd. I got those same errors at first. Make sure you uninstall all Chromium parts, everything that starts with "Chromium-", chromium-common, etc. Then apt-get install chromium.
Upgrade Warnings (DE / EN) / Re: Problem with Chromium update
« Last post by drb on Today at 19:35:10 »
I've tried that, but it won't reinstall.
Code: [Select]
dpkg: warning: chromium: conffile '/etc/chromium' is not a plain file or symlink (= '/etc/chromium')
dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/chromium_70.0.3538.54-2_amd64.deb (--unpack):
 trying to overwrite directory '/etc/chromium' in package net.downloadhelper.coapp 1.2.4 with nondirectory
dpkg-deb: error: paste subprocess was killed by signal (Broken pipe)
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
Upgrade Warnings (DE / EN) / Re: Problem with Chromium update
« Last post by Kan on Today at 19:15:08 »
If you have issues with installing it, remove the current Chromium first, then install. I think they have changed the location to /etc/Chromium which for whatever reasons caused issues with the previous chromium installation, so remove it first.
Also, users running gnome, may have to uninstall chrome-gnome-shell and then reinstall it after you install chromium. I think there are some critical bugs with chrome-gnome-shell also ...maintainer needs to update.
Installation - Support / Re: UEFI plus dm-crypt
« Last post by oneself on Today at 05:32:34 »
Thank you for the info.  I've managed to make some progress cobbling together some information from other posts.  I believe the problem I'm having is with properly registering the UEFI boot partition with the laptop firmware.  I believe I've found the right way to do this but the post you link to seems to go into that with more detail.  So, I'll give that a try.

Regarding full disk encryption, I'm using it on a work computer, and even though I admit it's a little paranoid (*he said while removing his tin foil hat*), I'm not 100% sure what the OS logs or saves to my unencrypted root partition and I would like to avoid taking any chances.  Furthermore, it used to be pretty straightforward to get this working when I first tried it.  Create an unecrypted boot partition and an encrypted partition.  Then create whatever structure you want using lvm.  Easy peasy.
Hardware - Support / Re: Broadcom BCM4313 problems
« Last post by GoinEasy9 on Today at 03:24:44 »
After 2 reboots, wifi slows to a crawl again. Tried purging all proprietary drivers, but, kernel driver was no help. The sta driver failed, even though it is the one meant for the bcm4313. Reinstall of b43 leaves me where I started off. I'm going to have to do more research and possible try a usb wifi dongle. It works on the widows 7 install it's dual booted with, so, it may or may not be hardware related.  Damn.
Note:  This is not specific to Debian Unstable and the package does not come installed by default in the Debian/Siduction distros.  More info about the Papirus Icon Theme.

Distro upgraded awhile ago and an upgrade to the papirus-icon-theme package removed some of the Papirus icon themes that used to be available.  I was affected by the removal of the Papirus-Adapta icon theme.  To remedy the changes made by the upgrade, use whatever you use to change the look and feel of your desktop and select another Papirus icon theme.  The current candidates are:  ePapirus, Papirus, Papirus-Dark, and Papirus-Light.

Hinweis: Dies ist nicht spezifisch für Debian Instable und das Paket wird nicht standardmäßig in der Distributions Debian/Siduction installiert.  Weitere Informationen über das Papirus Icon Theme.

Distro wurde vor einiger Zeit aktualisiert, und durch ein Upgrade auf das papirus-icon-theme Paket wurden einige der bisher verfügbaren Papirus-Symbolthemen entfernt. Ich war von der Entfernung des Papirus-Adapta-Themas betroffen. Um die durch das Upgrade vorgenommenen Änderungen zu beheben, verwenden Sie, was immer Sie verwenden, um das Erscheinungsbild Ihres Desktops zu ändern, und wählen Sie ein anderes Papirus-Symboldesign aus. Die aktuellen Kandidaten sind: ePapirus, Papirus, Papirus-Dark und Papirus-Light. (Google Übersetzung)
Hardware - Support / Re: Broadcom BCM4313 problems
« Last post by tranquil on Today at 01:19:28 »
If it works don't fix it, but, I've got to find out why.
  I agree.  It's not helpful to fix something without understanding why it broke in the first place.
Installation - Support / Re: UEFI plus dm-crypt
« Last post by tranquil on Today at 00:20:17 »
Bumping this thread.  I'm really stuck here :( .

Is there any way to install the UEFI manually after the installation has completed?
Or maybe mount / and /boot/efi manually before the installer runs?

Any suggestion would be welcome.
Maybe the following might be helpful:  Partitioning hard disk drives for BIOS-MBR, BIOS-GPT and UEFI-GPT in Linux

At the risk of getting flamed, why does anyone need to encrypt their whole disk?  Why not create a separate encrypted partition/conatiner/file and use that to store your sensitive stuff?  I've never understood the need to encrypt the whole disk for personal use.
Distro upgraded a few minutes ago on my desktop and along with a Wine upgrade comes a new install of libgdbm6:i386 which apparently causes issues.

Distro wurde vor ein paar Minuten auf meinem Desktop aktualisiert und zusammen mit einem Wine-Upgrade kommt eine neue Installation von libgdbm6: i386, die anscheinend Probleme verursacht. (Google Übersetzung)
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