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2018/03/24, 22:38:20


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Software-Support (DE) / Re: xrdp vs. vnc
« Last post by hsp on Today at 21:46:09 »
x2go, noch nie von gehört.

Was das alles gibt. Wie funktioniert das, ähnlich vnc oder rdp?

I have been using it since @melmarker wrote that it seems to be working correctly these days.  I have had no cause for regrets. 3 KDE systems, 2 LXQt.
Not really useless. It's supposed to offer libs for deletion that are not in use by any installed application anymore. Like vayu wrote, this is not always easy to determine.
I have to ask a fundamental question. Is there any situation where a Autoremove is needed? In my estimation, the command is pretty useless.
I've had autoremove break programs for me.  You're especially vulnerable if you've compiled things for yourself and installed dependencies for that. Same if you've downloaded programs or installed anything not in the repos you are currently using.  When autoremove suggests removing packages I usually spend a lot of time researching why it thinks that. In addition to apt-cache policy, apt-cache show and apt-cache rdepends I use a program apt-rdepends (with -r).  If I can't find a clear reason to remove it then I leave it. It's a balance, I don't want old stuff laying around but I don't want to break anything I may not realize until later and find it mysteriously doesn't work anymore.
Software-Support (DE) / Re: xrdp vs. vnc
« Last post by ReinerS on Today at 17:31:18 »
Hmm, leider nein. Aktuell nutze ich hier x2go für graph. Verbindungen im lokalen Netz.
Mit vnc hatte ich vor Jahren experimentiert.


Software-Support (DE) / Re: xrdp vs. vnc
« Last post by hsp on Today at 17:01:31 »
Keiner 'ne Meinung dazu?

I agree with devil :), I don't trust auto remove

Their are ways around this ;)
You can make a apt.conf file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/,  and add

Code: [Select]
APT::Get::AutomaticRemove "0";
APT::Get::HideAutoRemove "1";


Code: [Select]
apt-mark manual <package-name>
Now auto remove won't remove it.

To undo this move

Code: [Select]
apt-mark auto <package-name>
auto remove *should remove the package if it is not a dependency of any other package.
Of course, I'll go over the list and see if that's plausible.
Then I trust apt and have never been disappointed.   ;D

But everyone has to decide for himself.
I personallly never trusted autoremove nor will I ever. It is a good idea to go over the list and see if it makes sense. Other people just trust it and hit ENTER.
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