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Installation - Support / Re: Install Problems
« Last post by lesdelc on Today at 20:56:00 »
Appreciate the reply. As I write this I am down loading

I will try this version and hopefully it will install without problems.
Siduction News (EN) / Re: We need your help!
« Last post by Lanzi on Today at 19:40:02 »
Sieht alles super aus.  ;D

Werden die alten Konten und Passwörter übernommen? Denke schon, oder?

Installation - Support / Install Problems
« Last post by lesdelc on Today at 16:33:29 »
Thanks for resurrecting Debian Siduction  :)
I had problems installing Siduction 2021.1.0 on my ThinkPad T480 laptop. I installed on a Virtual box for Ubuntu called Boxes. After several attempts I now have Siduction Cinnamon installed The Calamares installer froze at 35% every time. I tried a reboot and it did install.
My second install was on Linux Mint under the virtual box called Boxes. The install happened with no problems.

Once I am satisfied I will remove Ubuntu and install Siduction on my ThinkPad T480.
Dark theme YES thanks Devil and my old eyes would be happier :)

I like the clean layout of the new forum too.
I just removed the permissions for anyone to post in the new forum as any content there will be overwritten on wednesday anyways.

So don't be confused. ;-)
Oh, and to state the obvious: please do not post in the new forum yet. :)
There is also a dark theme for the forum, well hidden in your account settings under Look & Layout | Current Theme. On the theme page there is a dark theme at the bottom of the page. Needs some work still.
I cannot confirm this, me and others stay logged in. Let's see how it is when we move to production on Wednesday.
I tried the new page, it doesn't keep me logged in, I have to log in each time I go there. Maybe I missed something?
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