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Author Topic: Newbie has hardware question prior to install...  (Read 1785 times)

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Newbie has hardware question prior to install...
« on: 2012/02/03, 17:46:06 »
Hoping someone can assist prior to a fresh Siduction install.

Currently use RPM based rolling release distro.

Last week tried to install "Testing" and after install had unrecognizable video at login.

I have used Debian a little in the past but love KDE so want to make the jump to Siduction after I read up on it.

Video and wireless specs below.  Can someone tell me if I will run into video/wireless issues after a Siduction install like I ran into with Debian "Testing"?  Is there anything I can do with your live DVD to prevent a video card or wireless issue in advance?  Thanks.

Identification-Video Card
Vendor: ‎ATI Technologies Inc

Description: ‎Device 9802
Module: ‎Card:ATI Radeon HD 2000 and later (radeon/fglrx)

Vendor: ‎Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Description: ‎RTL8191SEvA Wireless LAN Controller
Module: ‎r8192se_pci

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RE: Newbie has hardware question prior to install...
« Reply #1 on: 2012/02/03, 18:28:27 »
Your problem with testing/siduction was missing firmware.
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