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Author Topic: Fn lock for USB keyboard?  (Read 8958 times)

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Fn lock for USB keyboard?
« on: 2012/02/23, 16:56:24 »

today I got a new usb keyboard. It's the model SK-8821 from Lenovo. Typing is okay, but the F1-F12 keys are combined with some multimedia keys. I have to press and hold the Fn key and than the F1-F12, to get the desired result. Is there any way to tell the usbhid module (is it resposible?) to keep the Fn key allways pressed? (like num-lock oder caps-lock)

Edit: Maybe it's not well described.

Default is the function as a multimedia key (volume up & down, next track, start email program etc.). Only if I press Fn + F1 for example, the computer receives the event for F1 key. To avoid this two key procedure I'm searching for a way to keep Fn locked like caps-lock or num-lock.