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Author Topic: [EN] Headless remote gui <vnc/Freenx/Winswitch>  (Read 1784 times)


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[EN] Headless remote gui <vnc/Freenx/Winswitch>
« on: 2012/09/06, 23:44:29 »
So I have LXDE installed and I'm looking at remotely connecting to it after boot. A low tech way I've been starting vnc is using ssh and then starting x11vnc from the commandline. The problem is that doesn't seem to work unless I've already logged into the desktop from the login manager.

So, I'm looking for any tips to either get a vnc server to work with the login manager, Install neatnx or freenx or I am considering this aggregate project which let me pick the best connection type at the time (xpra,VNC,freenx) http://winswitch.org/documentation/how.html

Any tips or thoughts on what might work best with LXDE?