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Author Topic: [EN] Multiarch, how to ?  (Read 2371 times)

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[EN] Multiarch, how to ?
« on: 2012/11/13, 12:14:13 »
As I understand multiarch is not anything we can avoid. With todays d-u I will loose
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googleearth ia32-libs ia32-libs-gtk lib32v4l-0 nspluginwrapper Obviously I will loose Google Earth but maybe also my electronic legitimation which is only available in 32 bit.

Multiarch for me sounds like it shall be possible to run both 32 and 64 bits software on.

So how shall I do to install my 32 bits software after this d-u?

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Multiarch, how to ?
« Reply #1 on: 2012/11/13, 13:04:25 »
you have to add multiarch with :
dpkg --add-architecture i386

then do  apt-get update && apt-get -f install.

from this point you have to install skype teamviewer7 googlearth and so on (all software that is 32bit and has
former 64bit pseudopackages) with the real 32bit packages.
you will probably get some errors when installing this soft.
apt-get -f install after this should fix them.

teamviewer7 needs some dependencies that are not shown by apt.
I have installed all the list towo has posted in my teamviewer thread. Now it works.