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Author Topic: [EN] Configure application autostarts AFTER desktop???  (Read 1346 times)

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[EN] Configure application autostarts AFTER desktop???
« on: 2014/06/30, 09:51:59 »
On a KDE4 desktop, that is not the quickest to load by itself :( , how do i configure my autostart applications to start after the desktop is loaded with panels and background?
Right now, after ksplash ended, i get a black screen, then yakuake, icedove and iceweasel one by one start up, get resized, are overlapping... Later the panels and behind the transparent panels the wallpaper is loaded. This is ugly!
Any help appreciated.

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Re: Configure application autostarts AFTER desktop???
« Reply #1 on: 2014/06/30, 21:31:08 »
Hello michaaa63,
how do you autostart your apps now?

In the meantime docs.kde.org (english) or docs.kde.org (deutsch) might help.

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Re: Configure application autostarts AFTER desktop???
« Reply #2 on: 2014/06/30, 21:45:24 »

If the applications are not startetd by KDE's session management autostart but via "real" autostart you could modify the start command and prepend a sleep command. You might even control the starting order of the applications by using different sleep duration for each of them.
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