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Author Topic: Black screen when exit root konsole  (Read 1083 times)

Offline michael

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Black screen when exit root konsole
« on: 2014/08/31, 11:21:04 »
i'm using siduction kde a while now and did beautify it a little bit, However there is still a question unsolved.
If i enter root on a normal kde konsole on ubuntu and close the console  there, there is no problem.
However in siduction, if i do the same, the screen turns shortly black and comes back after a few seconds. All vlc or flash player windows are then black and have to be restarted to get working again. Nvidia driver is in use, with open driver the same problem occurs.
If i first exit root to normal user and then close the konsole there is no such blackout.
What am i missing compared to kubuntu which causes the black window?