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Author Topic:  "Torguard VPN gltch"  (Read 2632 times)


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"Torguard VPN gltch"
« on: 2017/01/22, 19:26:56 »
Hello all,
First post and a recent convert to Siduction.
"Torguard" installs with no problems as it also does in many other distros. Mandriva, Kubuntu,Mint,Sparkylinux. The only difference as to other distros, when it connects to a server I do not get the verified notification.
Here a sample of what they advised at torguard but none has worked.
Please go to more settings --> Network Tab --> Set the DNS as below:
 At Application Start: OpenDNS
 While establishing: OpenDNS
 When VPN is connected: OpenDNS
 Restart TG Client and retest.

1) Uninstall all TAP drivers, go to >> Control Panel >> System and Security >> System >> Device Manager, Scroll down to Network Adapters, right click the TAP drivers and uninstall them, deleting the driver too when asked, Reconnect, it will prompt to install TAP driver, click yes/continue, retest please.
 If that fails go to step 2
 2 )Flush DNS as per this guide >>> https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&catid=71&id=227 and reboot
 If that fails go to step 3
 3) Go to more settings >> network tab >> uncheck "Block outside DNS" reconnect and retest.
Thanks, this is done with the vpn adapter, normal files for managing TCP stack layer and openvpn connection parameters. Is all ok now ?
Knowledge base for Mac and windows nothing on Linux.
I fell like I"m stuck in an enigma cryptor!
I can get around the computer quite well so not a noob, but Network stuff is definitely not my forte.
Is there someone out there in the siduction community that can possibly assist me.
I will attach a pic to give a better idea what I'm alluding to.

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Re: "Torguard VPN gltch"
« Reply #1 on: 2017/01/22, 20:30:40 »

welcome to siduction. I personaly have not used Torguard (or much anything related to Tor) other than for a quick test. So let's see if someone else has experience with that to share.


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Re: "Torguard VPN gltch"
« Reply #2 on: 2017/01/22, 20:49:41 »
Thanking you.
https://www.iplocation.net/ is giving the right server destination. Just doesn't verify, so I assume the problem is either with torguard not getting verification from the URL it is trying to look up or a problem with configuration on my computer.

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Re: "Torguard VPN gltch"
« Reply #3 on: 2017/01/23, 19:12:46 »
Hi, i am not familiar with torguard but from time to time i use a vpn.
So my question is, did you try to use torguard vpn like it is explained on following side, eg. from the command line.

If not try this and read the output you get.
Maybe you can post it then here or use a paste service.
The chance to get a qualified answer will be increase dramatic if we get more details of the error ;)

the output of 'inxi -v2' would be great to, to see what flavour you are using.

greetz hendrikL