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Author Topic: fine tuning egdes of tv hdmi  (Read 1250 times)

Offline LRC1962

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fine tuning egdes of tv hdmi
« on: 2017/04/15, 21:27:08 »
I am hooked up to a tv via hdmi. I need to shrink the vertical size because I am losing about 10 pixels top and bottom. As that is where toolbars and panels are without their controls I have a very hard time accessing them. I do know that in getting the tv first working I did see sliders that did that job, but as I did not need them at the time I did not touch them but now I can not remember where I saw them. I am using KDE5 as my desktop.

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Re: fine tuning egdes of tv hdmi
« Reply #1 on: 2017/04/25, 13:07:41 »
You are looking for 'overscan correction' or 'set underscan'.

Depending on your graphicscard and used drivers you might find this slider in the driver's control GUI (Nvidia-binary has one). A while ago I used xrandr to set underscan in an autostart-script.

Google should find a lot of howtos using xrandr.