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Author Topic: Installing ISO 2017 setting up UEFI (for noobies)  (Read 1294 times)

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Installing ISO 2017 setting up UEFI (for noobies)
« on: 2017/05/01, 02:05:22 »
Brand new to the UEFI environment. First try at installing , UEFI did not work. It was then I found out I had made a big miss. Using GParted to create the FAT partition for the UEFI boot, the step I missed was this!
You MUST use mange flags to flag it as ESP and boot. Once that was done, the ISO 2017 went to work and created the bootable ESP partition and now am using the UEFI boot.
Reason for saying this is because it took me about 10 hrs to find the solution. For old hands it would be obvious for noobies it is not necessarily so. I avoid flagging things I do not knew what they do as I have been burnt many times with my ignorance.

PS Many thanks for all your hard work. Once setup right. It is basically painless OS for what I use it for. And with the Live CD it is very easy to fix what I broke for the most part. And if it is not, then with having a separate home partition it is fairly fast getting back to where I want to be.